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5 Week 4: Putting it Together

í Activity: Bring it all together

For the remainder of class, either:
1. Put together a one page website that collects your previous work from this class. Have your name, a brief description of the work that is on the site, a nav and a footer. The intention is to have you arrange multiple types of content on a single page, and to build a more complete web page. You may use iframes, anchors, floating elements and positioning as needed.

2. Add content (images, text, etc.) to one of your previous projects. See if you “grow” a design organically from one of your experiments. Content could be “poster-matter”, etc.

And as a wrap-up… go to your author page on the website and make sure you have a “Nickname — first name, etc.” at the top of your site. Here is a fairly good example from session 1. make sure also that your work looks good on that page and links to html files and not images.

And look for the course evaluation by email at the end of the semester.

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Jason Fried on his Process

Neapolitan Ice Cream

B Frameworks/CMSes

Starting Points

Start Here
HTML5 Reset: Good clean starting point
HTML5 Boilerplate
Twitter Bootstrap
Skeleton: Good clean grid framework

HTML5 tags

Overview of newer HTML tags
Semantic tags in HTML5



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