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å Friday, February 20th, 2015

í Assignment 4: Make five patterns


Absolute positioning may be ideal for creating a drawing or a simple layout, however it falters quickly when many elements start stacking up. The web, in short, is not about control. This take-home assignment asks you to take specific elements and repeat them to form a continuous pattern. The pattern may be created from the combination of floating elements and positioned elements.

Start by repeating a single element. Consider refining this first step into a single composition. Note the figure and ground relationships that emerge. Expand your work to include more layers and more shapes. Use only one color per layer.

Upload your experiments to a post on this website and categorize it under “4: CSS Patterns”.

CSS Properties from class

  • Recursive properties. (see example)
  • Combining positioning and float to layer patterns on each other (see example)

Code examples from class

Session 1

Session 2

Sample properties

Refer to some of these css properties to help
Shape reference (week 1)

Additional examples

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